Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Toddler Snuggie from Womens Sweater

My Husband and I were given Snuggies for Christmas this year and when Eliza saw them she immediately wanted one (who wouldn't).  Instead of going out and spending $20 on something I knew she wouldn't wear very much I decided to venture into my own closet and make her one.  I have had this sweater for almost 10 years... 

Its super cute, but way too bulky.  So I set out to make it into a oh so cozy and cute Snuggie for Eliza. I started by putting the sweater on her and measuring how long the sleeves needed to be.  I wanted the sleeves to be a little short so she wouldn't get them in food and things.  After I measured I simply cut the sleeves off.

Next I cut the sweater so that it was open in the back.

Then I cut about an inch off of either side of the back opening.

At this point your sweater will look something like this...

Now if the sweater is originally as long as you want it you can just skip the next step, but if it needs to be a little longer this next step is important. At this Now both sleeves open, I went along the seam of the sleeve.

Now hem the sleeves where you cut them (the sleeves still attached to the sweater) and the openings on the back of the sweater.  I used a zigzag stitch but you can use whatever works best for your type of sweater.

Depending on the length of your sweater you might have your finished product, however mine needed to be longer so I took the two sleeves that I cut in half earlier and I sewed them together to create one long piece.

Last I sewed this long piece to the bottom of the Snuggie.  BAM..Toddler Snuggie!

Eliza loves wearing this thing! It likes to hang open in the back, so I am going to go in and add a button to the back to keep it closed, but other than that it gets the job done.

Snuggie in ACTION:)

Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks for reading!

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